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Female Streetwear: the start up

There are many means to getting steetwear clothing for girls produced on the market. One key factor, however, in producing clothing for women is to first (obviously) consult with women to see what they like. The next factor would be to go out and survey the streets to see what type of girls are rocking streetwear. You may be surprised at what you see. At one point streetwear was a culture totally controlled by Hip-Hop. Being that Hip-Hop’s influence is mostly derived in African American culture you would mostly find streetwear clothing on black women. However, with the advancement of the culture abroad, you may find that most girls who are wearing streetwear are not neccesarily black. In fact, a great deal of people who are embracing the streetwear culture in general are asians. This is why it is particularly important to actually go out on the streets to conduct surveys to actually see what the needs are. If mostly asian girls are rocking streetwear, you want to first try to figure out why? Is it becoming part of culture? Is it the price? Is it the style? What exactly about steetwear fashion attracts the tarket market. Once you do a thorough analysis of the market itself you then can begin a sound sales strategy. You can not implement a sales strategy until you know who you will be selling to. It sounds like it would be an obvious not, but so many start up brands seem to skip this step. There is no way to be successful in business, let alone streetwear fashion for girls unless you take a valid assessment of the people you intend to sell for.

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